Liberty Net for Week of May 15-22

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

GOOD propagation helped the conversations on the Liberty Net this week, and the range of information and opinion presented was impressive. One participant ridiculed those who question the authenticity of Obama’s alleged birth certificate, while others on the Net believe it’s a phony — and Kenyan claims that Obama was born there buttress that belief.

The stations that tried to disrupt the Net last week with crude remarks — but got no takers — resorted to transmitting random sound effects. But the legitimate participants ignored them and they had little effect, except to encourage a brief switch in frequency.

Listen to or download the Liberty Net recorded May 15

Here are some of this week’s highlights, as recorded on May 15th by N2IRJ:

• As the utter bankruptcy of the United States proceeds apace, California is paying all those due money from the state with possibly-worthless IOUs — and Illinois is paying nothing. (56 minutes)

• Are the riots of Greeks who oppose globalization (and who oppose the austerity programs that the banks are demanding in order to pay back their questionable “debts”) the moral equivalent of the Black riots in the US incited by Martin Luther King? (59 minutes)

• Have the gold bars used in international trade been counterfeited on a massive scale using tungsten, which has the same density as gold? (1 hour 21 minutes)

• Could the BP gulf oil disaster be the work of Korean or Mossad terrorists? (1 hour 24 minutes)

• As New Jersey careens toward bankruptcy, literally thousands of teachers have been indefinitely furloughed without pay. (1 hour 51 minutes)

• Public auctions of US government bonds have been failing, and massive purchases by the Fed (and by bailed-out banks who have an under-the-table “understanding” of what they must do with their interest-free federal money) are a temporary cover for that failure. (2 hours 27 minutes)

• Why does Barack Hussein Obama’s Social Security number indicate it was issued in Connecticut (where Obama has never claimed to reside) and that its holder is 119 years old? Has this individual’s paperwork been so obviously faked in order to render him blackmailable? (3 hours 23 minutes)

Thanks to Marty, N2IRJ, you’re able to listen to the Liberty Net right now on your computer — or download the file and listen on your portable mp3 player. And N2SAG operates a live feed and chat during Net times that lets you make an end run around jammers and a fickle ionosphere. Our thanks go to W1WCR for his hard work and courage in keeping an important part of the amateur radio service alive since 1974!

Listen to or download the Liberty Net recorded May 15