Liberty Net: September 4, 2010

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

SUNSPOT NUMBERS are inching up and so are radio conditions — and so is the number of check-ins to amateur radio’s Liberty Net. Net Control Station W1WCR presided over an excellent session this week, which included a lot of focus on personal liberty versus the growing police state here in the USSA.

Listen to or download the Liberty Net recorded September 4

Here’s a tiny sampling selected from the many items discussed this week on amateur radio’s best discussion net:

• Was the major bank failure in Afghanistan the result of that country being forced to adopt the most corrupt and criminal banking system in the world — that of the United States? (7 minutes)

• As the regime in Washington prepares to sell its shares in General Motors to citizens and Wall Street vultures alike, why is no one considering the option of returning the shares or the money to the taxpayers who actually paid for them? (9 minutes)

• Are New Jersey state troopers now using facial recognition software to compare your face to your license photograph? — or to match your face with databases of supposed “terrorists”? (20 minutes)

• Is there a new class — and even a new physical type: no neck, unintelligent, shaved head, steroidal, unquestioningly obedient — emerging in America as “law enforcement” agencies multiply and gain quasi-military power? (35 minutes)

• Police are now using special parabolic microphones — developed for the power company to find line faults — to spy on conversations in private cars and homes. (50 minutes)

• I’m not sure whether it’s either cosmic irony or karma, but both the Black mayor of Detroit and Jesse Jackson recently had their tricked-out SUVs stripped and vandalized by street thieves in that anti-Athens of the north. (1 hour 17 minutes)

• One must not underestimate the potential power of Islam as it colonizes the West — with explosive Muslim birthrates, and with White birthrates below replacement levels both here and in Europe, we will be easily conquered via the bedroom. (1 hour 27 minutes)

• The fundamentalists who believe that Israel is central to “Bible prophecy” and that Israel is somehow “holy” are quite insane, but they are cat’s paws in a very serious ploy to harness us to the wars of the Jewish state. (1 hour  54 minutes)

• The Chinese are racial realists — they placed strict controls on Black exchange students, forbidding them to have close contact with Chinese women, for example — and they simply do not respect a nation that could elect a creature like Barack Obama as president. (2 hours 2 minutes)

• There is a tremendous amount of justified anger among Black women, who are angry about losing their men to women of other races. (2 hours 5 minutes)

Remember that you can receive the Liberty Net on the nearest clear frequency to 3950 kHz every Saturday night at 10PM Eastern Time — or listen live on the Internet via N2SAG or N2IRJ. And you can listen at your leisure via the mp3 files posted here at every week. Each Saturday night’s mp3 file is usually posted on Sunday and will be visible in the upper right column of this site.

Once again, thanks to W1WCR for running this important and historic discussion net, and thanks also to N2IRJ for making these recordings available.

Listen to or download the Liberty Net recorded September 4