Liberty Net: October 16, 2010

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE LIBERTY NET is a gathering of thoughtful, philosophical minds and well-informed sources every week, and this time was no exception — and noise was so low that even the weakest signals were perfectly understandable. Warm up your radios every Saturday night and join in the discussion on or near 3950 kHz SSB at 10PM Eastern Time.

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Here are some examples of the real free speech and free thought the Liberty Net is famous for:

• Now that US taxpayers are paying millions to bring Hamas refugees here, maybe it’s time to rethink our immigration and foreign policies. By angering — and then importing — Muslims, we are essentially jamming a stick into a beehive, and then gathering the angry bees and bringing them into our homes. (56 minutes)

• The monetary “discrimination” claims of over $1.5 billion for 95,000 “Black farmers” have been exposed as a hoax, since there were never more than 35,000 Black farmers during the period in question. (59 minutes)

• The administration’s “financial reform” program doesn’t address any of the problems which caused the current crisis — it’s like polishing the fenders of a car that’s just been totaled. (1 hour 14 minutes)

• Maybe Americans should vote for nobody in the upcoming elections — since among the political class, when it comes to the things that really matter, it is indubitably true that Nobody Cares. (2 hours 9 minutes)

• A documentary film is in the works, to be based on the life and philosophy of the late Irwin “Irb” Richardt, W2VJZ, who spoke out strongly against Zionist control and corruption in America from his Sons of Liberty Farm — now a park — in New Jersey. (2 hours 21 minutes)

• As the skin protects the body from pathogens, so our border is supposed to protect our nation from invaders. But the Middle Eastern clique which effectively controls US immigration policy has purposely left us open to aliens who will, even if they do not intend to do so, act as metastasizing cancer cells and seal our fate. (2 hours 31 minutes)

• Grassroots Americans are rightly alarmed by Muslim immigration and expansion, but what they don’t understand is that it is a group with a strong racial hatred for Muslims that is instrumental in bringing them here. The motivation? To make the Muslims our enemies, so that Israel’s enemies will now become our enemies, which facilitates American participation in an ancient war which we really should have nothing to do with. The Muslims are a cultural-racial bomb which is being dropped on America. Should we focus on the bomb — or on those who are dropping it? (2 hours 36 minutes)

• Only one country on Earth has been saddled with a racial guilt trip comparable to America’s: Germany. These guilt trips are used to enforce a perverse “morality” in which open borders are a necessity — and racial preservation a sin. But there are signs of a stirring, as German Chancellor Merkel has now stated that “multiculturalism has utterly failed.” (2 hours 38 minutes)

• Why is the “American” establishment so fanatically dedicated to the historically unprecedented purpose of reducing and eventually eliminating the nation’s founding race? (2 hours 42 minutes)

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