Liberty Net: October 30, 2010

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE DEBATE on this week’s Liberty Net was far more exciting than any sports contest or drama you could see on television, and the novel ideas exploded from all directions and illuminated the ionosphere — and our minds — in three dimensions. There was a small amount of rather pathetic jamming, and it looks like some of the noise the net encountered was from a Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) broadcast transmission from Europe. Net communications weren’t impaired for long, however. (It would be an improvement if European broadcasters went to 90 meters and left 75 meters to amateurs.)

Listen: 10/30 Liberty Net

Here’s a minuscule sample of what you can hear on this week’s recording:

• A wise man once said “When Congress is adjourned, the nation is safe.” (40 minutes)

• If there’s a worldwide economic slump, why is German unemployment at a 30-year low? And Switzerland is doing even better. Could it be the higher genetic quality of those populations? (45 minutes)

• The only way to solve our economic problems — and avoid tyranny — is to make it totally impossible, totally and permanently illegal, for politicians to buy votes by giving money to corporations or to the underclass. (48 minutes)

• In Texas, a Black football player raped a high school cheerleader — and then the school district sued the cheerleader because they claimed she “harmed the school” by failing to cheer for her attacker. Then an appeals court ruled against the cheerleader. (50 minutes)

• Part 1 of the economic collapse was the real estate derivative implosion of 2008 — and part 2 will be the foreclosure implosion of 2011, as $6 trillion in lost value is predicted.  (1 hour 7 minutes)

• The criminals in Washington are instituting a 55% estate tax on homes, which will effectively force heirs into “death sales” and prevent families from becoming financially secure from generation to generation. (1 hour 29 minutes)

• Christopher Dodd is sponsoring legislation which would set up — under the false flag of environmentalism — a huge new federal bureaucracy that would take control of local zoning and force people who now live in single-family homes in the suburbs and small towns to move into Soviet-style multiracial apartment blocks in cities. (1 hour 30 minutes)

• One Liberty Net participant travelled to Botswana and taught classes for future technicians at that country’s national shortwave station. (2 hours 16 minutes)

• Could the motive behind these many moves to destroy the single-family home be to stop “White flight,” which has stymied so many of the political class’s dictatorial plans? (2 hours 38 minutes)

• The Jerusalem Post reports that a prominent Israeli Rabbi has stated that the sole purpose of Gentiles is to serve Jews. (2 hours 42 minutes)

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Listen: 10/30 Liberty Net