Liberty Net: June 23, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

A BIG THANKS to those who have helped us keep this site up and running and promoting the Liberty Net and freedom of speech on amateur radio — it’s truly a labor of love for all involved. That’s also true of the Liberty Net itself: For 38 years, it’s been a place for camaraderie, friendship, teaching, and learning on many levels.

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Here’s a small sample of the ideas exchanged this week on the net:

• As the European Union institutes a sweeping so-called “financial transaction tax,” what’s next? We already have taxes on every other necessity of life (like carbon, for example), so perhaps a “breathing tax” is in order. The truth is that the pretext doesn’t matter; it’s just a pretext, after all. What the oligarchs’ managers are really saying to us is “give us what we want, or go to prison.” It’s as simple as that. (20 minutes)

• It’s no wonder the billionaire oligarchs encourage non-White immigration: They know Third Worlders will work for less money, and the money-men don’t ever want a culturally and racially united people to coalesce into a revolutionary force to challenge their rule. A melange of squabbling peoples that can easily be played off against each other, and with an ever-declining IQ, is a much more manageable slave labor pool. (35 minutes)

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Liberty Net for Week of January 30 – February 6

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

DESPITE CHALLENGES, like changing propagation that brought inadvertent conflict with another net, and intentional (and illegal) jamming from would-be censors, W1WCR’s free speech current events discussion net, the Liberty Net, did itself proud once again this week, with information and analysis of the news that you simply can’t get anywhere else.

Here are just a few of the topics discussed this week (times are from the beginning of the recording):

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• Obama, who looks increasingly like a one-term president, gives everything to the bankers and nothing to the small businessman. (32 minutes)

• A Liberty Net member announces his support for the NAACP in their lawsuit based on lack of enforcement when it comes to Mestizo gangs attacking Black families. Why are no White Americans doing this? — we are victims of these gangs too. Where are the mainstream “conservative” pundits like Glenn Beck and Alex Jones? Why are they silent on this issue? (59 minutes)

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