Liberty Net: January 15, 2011

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

CRUSHED BY MANY FEET of snow this severe New Jersey winter, N2IRJ’s low-noise receiving antenna nevertheless continues to perform, bringing us this week’s Liberty Net recording with almost perfect reception despite variable — and at times very long — skip, and even a few attempts at malicious interference.

Listen: Liberty Net 1/15

Here’s a small sample of the issues discussed this time on amateur radio’s most historic discussion net:

• The mortgage crisis that crashed the economy is one of the most gigantic frauds in human history. Why is it, then, that almost no one amongst the fraudsters has gone to jail? (40 minutes)

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Liberty Net: September 25, 2010

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE IONOSPHERE was reflecting signals so beautifully during the Liberty Net this week that many of the stations on 75 meters sounded like locals on 2 meters, which made for an effortless exchange of the hard-to-find information and insights that make the net famous.

Listen: 9/25 Liberty Net

Here’s a tiny selection of the topics discussed this week on amateur radio’s longest-running discussion net, on the air since 1974:

• Why is it so difficult for people of European descent to become American citizens these days — a process that can take years or decades when it is even allowed to happen  — when, according to the founding fathers, they should be the only ones allowed to become citizens at all? (10 minutes)

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