Liberty Net: November 13, 2010

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE IONOSPHERE is still acting strangely as we transition into Winter conditions, but the sharing of brilliant insights and suppressed news continued at a high pace on this week’s Liberty Net. The DRM digital audio transmissions from Britain on 3955 — which effectively wipe out 3949 to 3964 kHz for hours — continue, so the net used a frequency a bit outside of its normal range this time: 3966 kHz.

Listen: 11/13 Liberty Net

Here’s a sample of the ideas brought forth this time on amateur radio’s longest-running discussion net:

• As countries (like the US and China) race to devalue their own currencies to gain a temporary trade advantage, bankers rake in profits from the easy money (that they create) and, as always, individuals and families find their wealth evaporating. (29 minutes)

• The insanely punitive estate tax that Washington is about to impose is causing many productive and intelligent people to simply leave the country — and who can blame them? No one wants his life’s work to feed the illegal regime in Washington and all its genocidal programs. (36 minutes)

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Liberty Net: September 25, 2010

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE IONOSPHERE was reflecting signals so beautifully during the Liberty Net this week that many of the stations on 75 meters sounded like locals on 2 meters, which made for an effortless exchange of the hard-to-find information and insights that make the net famous.

Listen: 9/25 Liberty Net

Here’s a tiny selection of the topics discussed this week on amateur radio’s longest-running discussion net, on the air since 1974:

• Why is it so difficult for people of European descent to become American citizens these days — a process that can take years or decades when it is even allowed to happen  — when, according to the founding fathers, they should be the only ones allowed to become citizens at all? (10 minutes)

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