Liberty Net for Week of February 6-13

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THIS WEEK the longest-running current events discussion net on Amateur Radio, the weekly Liberty Net, took place on its 3950 kHz LSB nominal frequency — though most weeks, interference, some of it intentional, forces the Net to be frequency-agile, usually within 10 kHz or less. Here are a few highlights from the free-swinging discussions that took place:

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• Obama has now publicly stated that Americans “should not be questioning” his citizenship. (25 minutes)

• Armed Haitian gangs continue to terrorize the island, including one attack on a UN aid convoy. Similar attacks take place regularly in sub-Saharan Africa and in areas of the U.S. where Haitians have immigrated in significant numbers. Also, cock-fighting and Voodoo remain strong presences on the island, as is the folk belief in the “Loup garou,” the possessed who kidnap and eat children; many accused of being “Loup garous” have been killed. (In France, the “Loup garou” is an old myth, like vampires are to us — but millions of Haitians not only believe in such things, but kill to “protect themselves” from them.) (27 minutes)

• Why did the power structure which got the boobs whipped up to pull the levers for Obama pick such a person, whose background and even citizenship is highly questionable? Answer: he is blackmailable. The power structure always wants a back-door way to get rid of its puppets in case they get out of control, and Obama is no exception. (52 minutes)

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Liberty Net for Week of January 30 – February 6

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

DESPITE CHALLENGES, like changing propagation that brought inadvertent conflict with another net, and intentional (and illegal) jamming from would-be censors, W1WCR’s free speech current events discussion net, the Liberty Net, did itself proud once again this week, with information and analysis of the news that you simply can’t get anywhere else.

Here are just a few of the topics discussed this week (times are from the beginning of the recording):

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• Obama, who looks increasingly like a one-term president, gives everything to the bankers and nothing to the small businessman. (32 minutes)

• A Liberty Net member announces his support for the NAACP in their lawsuit based on lack of enforcement when it comes to Mestizo gangs attacking Black families. Why are no White Americans doing this? — we are victims of these gangs too. Where are the mainstream “conservative” pundits like Glenn Beck and Alex Jones? Why are they silent on this issue? (59 minutes)

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Liberty Net for Week of January 23-30

N2SAG offers a live feed -- with live chat -- of the Liberty Net every Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE FOREMOST current events discussion net on amateur radio, the weekly Liberty Net moderated by Vic, W1WCR and recorded by Marty, N2IRJ, proved itself again as a bastion of free and unfettered speech this week. For a full immersion experience, log on Saturday evenings beginning at 10PM Eastern for live audio feeds of the Net (sometimes from several stations simultaneously) and live text chat too at via N2SAG.

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Here are just a few of the topics and ideas covered during the wide-ranging debates and discussions:

• Some disinformation agents are promoting the idea that the Haitians are the victims of an “earthquake weapon” set up by “light-skinned elites” to harm “people of color.” Hugo Chavez has apparently picked up on this story. One might as well also believe in the efficacy of Voodoo to prevent earthquakes. (29 minutes)

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Liberty Net for Week of December 19-25

The Goddess of Libertyby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

ONCE AGAIN the weekly current events discussion Liberty Net on 75 meters was filled with provocative ideas and debate, led by Net Control station W1WCR.

There’s literally nothing else like it on the air anywhere.

Here are just a few of the highlights of this week’s discussions, along with the time when they took place (from the beginning of the recording  in hours and minutes):

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• Somali gangs are now terrorizing Lewiston, Maine (1 hour 32 minutes)

• The United Nations is considering issuing gold coins called “Oros” (2 hours 38 minutes)

• Tips on investing in gold (2 hours 35 minutes)

• Glenn Beck suddenly takes a more sympathetic view of Obama, as the ruling establishment pushes for yet another and much larger war in the Middle East (2 hours 8 minutes)

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