Liberty Net: June 13, 2015

Liberty-Net---A100-VU-metersby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THANKS FOR all the good feedback on the vintage Liberty Net recordings we’ve been featuring on our audio feed this week. It’s good to look back and see where we were back in 2009 and 2010, which is when N2IRJ and I started archiving these recordings.

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Here’s my summary and interpretation of some of the concepts brought forward on the net this week:

• In light of recent derailments, the recent $240 million cut in Amtrak’s budget does not bode well for safety. Right around the same time, our supine Congress gave an additional $225 million to Israel so they can buy more missiles. (6 minutes)

• A Florida couple has been arrested and charged with felony neglect because “Child Protective Services” spies saw their 11-year-old son play basketball by himself in the back yard for an hour and a half. At the same time, bizarre perverts who are transsexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, “gender fluid,” or the like can engage in true child abuse, with the full support of the government, by being allowed to raise innocent children. (10 minutes)

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Liberty Net: June 6, 2015

Liberty-Net---RCA-833Aby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

WHEN THE Liberty Net is not on the air live, we put the latest net recordings — along with a few amusing extras — in rotation on our streaming server, so there is always something to listen to. Starting next week, we will also be putting one vintage net recording from six or so years ago into the rotation loop. Enjoy!

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Here’s my summary and outlook on some of the ideas debated on the Liberty Net this session:

• Software is becoming more and more significant in the operation of our automobiles. There’s even development of GPS-linked software control of driving itself. Ominously, there are rumblings that licensing and copyright laws will soon be used more than ever to prevent our own experimentation with our vehicles. (15 minutes)

• A Denver-area property owner had his apartment building destroyed by a military-style SWAT team chasing — get this — a shoplifter. (24 minutes)

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Liberty Net: May 30, 2015

Liberty-Net---RCA-speakerby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

ONE KIND of person I really appreciate — especially in these days of increasing corporate and government tyranny — is the person who has figured out that the “authorities” are often wrong, that the majority is always wrong, and that things are far, far different from the way they are portrayed in the controlled media.

Listen: Liberty Net 5/30″]

Here’s my interpretation and summary of some of the idea presented and debated on the Liberty Net this week:

• If motorcycle owners can be put on a list — and they have been — of those “deserving” more intense law enforcement scrutiny, then why shouldn’t Blacks, Mestizos, and others? (6 minutes)

• If the regime in Washington is really concerned about “Islamic terrorism,” why do they continuously import Third World Muslims into our nation? (16 minutes)

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Liberty Net: May 23, 2015

Liberty-Net---Continental_amplifierby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

PEOPLE WHO figure things out for themselves — who, instead of “choosing a side” based on birth or proximity or wanting to be on “the winning side” or “the side of good”; who actually study issues and concepts from the ground up and make a decision based on logic, observation, and science — are extremely rare. I’ve been privileged to met several such folks on the Liberty Net.

Listen: Liberty Net 5/23″]

Here’s my take on some of the topics discussed and debated on the Liberty Net this session:

• The world’s largest banks have just admitted to some of history’s largest-ever financial crimes, which involved rigging international foreign currency exchange rates, but — surprise, surprise — not a single person is going to jail. (32 minutes)

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Liberty Net: May 16, 2015

Liberty-Net---microphone-posterby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

NOW THAT the weather is warmer, but still not oppressively hot, it’s a good time to work on your antenna system. Forget commercial multiband verticals — virtually none of them provide a good signal on 75 meters. Instead, make yourself a home-made full-size 75 meter wire antenna — dipole, inverted L, or vertical. One of my favorite antennas is what I call the WB4AIO Inverted L Marconi: It’s 150 feet of wire in an inverted L configuration, fed at the base. It can be oriented 40 feet vertical and 110 feet horizontal, or, if you have more height, 70 feet vertical and 80 feet horizontal — or anywhere in between. It will work almost the same either way. Elevate the base 7 to 8 feet above the ground, and use just two to four elevated radials. Efficiency and performance will be excellent on 160, 75, and 40, with a nearly omnidirectional pattern. The antenna will also work well on 20 through 10, but the pattern will be complex. You can use a simple L-network tuner at the base, or feed with open wire line and two current baluns as I do, and tune right in your shack. Write to me using the contact form on this site if you want to know more.

Listen: Liberty Net 5/16″]

Here’s my interpretation of some of the ideas brought forward on the Liberty Net this week:

• Since the voting system is permanently broken in this country, locking out any meaningful change, direct action will become the political expression of the future. (20 minutes)

• The so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership, which will open the floodgates to massive Asian immigration, is another treasonous betrayal of the American people. (23 minutes)

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Liberty Net: May 9, 2015

Liberty-Net---Agfa-cassetteby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

ONE OF THE RULES in the Liberty Net chat/discussion room is “be civil” and another is “no personal attacks on net participants.” Recently, one or two individuals have violated these rules, in one case by impersonating another operator. Be aware that this kind of behavior (or any attempt to impede the discussion or dominate the room) is not going to be tolerated, and may result in a ban on your computer from checking in to the chat.

Listen: Liberty Net 5/9″]

Here’s my slant on a few of the concepts and events discussed on the net’s session this week:

• The controlled media, especially the fake “conservatives” at Fox News, are fawning all over arch-terrorist and murderer Benjamin Netanyahu, which the rest of the world sees for the evil monster that he really is. (13 minutes)

• Hillary Clinton is trying to gain the presidency by facilitating the genocide of our race: She has just promised to instantly legalize all the Mestizo illegal invaders by executive fiat. (25 minutes)

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Liberty Net: May 2, 2015

1430663958-Welcome To the Liberty Net. O T Aby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

REMEMBER that the Liberty Net is a long-term institution — an integral part of amateur radio since 1974 — serving the public interest, convenience, and necessity through the free exchange of ideas and information that is so rare in today’s world of censorship and “Political Correctness.”

Listen: Liberty Net 5/2″]

Here’s my brief summary of, and comments on, a few of the ideas and events brought up on the net’s session this week:

• When a nun wanted to come to America from the Middle East to discuss the problems faced by Christians there, she was denied entry. I wonder if any Jewish spokesman from Israel has ever been refused entry in recent years. (5 minutes)

• Race trumps nationality every time: The ability of the Old America, and Switzerland, to have a high level of culture and civilization — and the failure of the Mestizo world to do anywhere near the same — proves that it is race, not culture, religion, or language that matters most. (16 minutes)

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Liberty Net: April 25, 2015

Liberty-Net---Hammarlund_HQ-120by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

NOW THAT the weather has warmed up, thunderstorm static has once again become a factor on 75 meters — making high, full-size, efficient antennas more important than ever for “getting through.” Short, low antennas can be all right for receiving — but they’re not capable of doing well on transmitting, no matter what the ad copy tells you.

Listen: Liberty Net 4/25″]

Here’s my brief summary of, and comments upon, a few of the ideas brought up on the net this week:

• People who put any trust whatsoever in the Republican party to do anything positive for our people are wasting their time, wasting their lives, and must have been asleep since at least the Civil War. (23 minutes)

• The puppet regime in Kiev is receiving more high-tech weapons of death and destruction than ever from the regime in Washington, in order to slaughter their own people — yet the controlled media utter not a peep of protest. (27 minutes)

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Liberty Net: April 18, 2015

frgby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

IF YOU listen regularly to the Liberty Net, you should already have heard the new pyramid antenna being used at N2IRJ. It’s not a commercially-made antenna, but a homebrew broadband dual inverted vee (shaped much like a pyramid, hence the name) with the elements — cut for around 3600 and 3900 kHz respectively — at right angles to each other. The main secret to its good performance is height: keeping the ends at 15 feet or more, and the center at 55 feet plus, keeps the efficiency up where it should be. We’d have made the antenna even higher if we could, but tree height was the limiting factor.

Listen: Liberty Net 4/18″]

Here’s my abbreviated digest of, and comments on, the ideas brought up on the net this session:

• When liberty is lost, it is often when the System — and the masses — most stridently declare that “we are free.” (23 minutes)

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Liberty Net: April 11, 2015

Liberty-Net---militant-Libertyby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

I’M SORRY that this article is late this week, but antenna construction — for a new Liberty Net antenna — took up much of my Liberty Net time this week. Nothing is more important from the standpoint of being heard than the efficiency and radiation pattern of your transmitting antenna, so it was time well spent — expect to hear the results on the air soon.

Listen: Liberty Net 4/11″]

Here’s my small selection from, and commentary about, some of the discussions taking place on the net this week:

• One of the best writers on the subject of liberty — and religion and “democracy” too — is the great H.L. Mencken. Look him up, start reading, and both broaden and deepen your understanding. (29 minutes)

• The same corrupters that are genociding White people in Europe and America are now working on Japan — the company that controls Miss Universe pageants has now named a half-Japanese half-Congoid female as “Miss Universe Japan.” (58 minutes)

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