Liberty Net: September 15, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

AS WE SAY GOODBYE to Summer 2012, we can look back on a season of real success for the Liberty Net. Despite high static levels, storms, and high absorption on the band, more and more new stations continued to check in, the phone patch was very active, and the conversations were illuminating. And that success has been recognized by others: Recently the No Agenda Report (here and here) and the FRRL have run excerpts from, and articles on, the Liberty Net — thanks, guys!

Listen: Liberty Net 9/15

Here’s a little sample of the issues discussed during the latest meeting of the Net:

• So far this year 42 banks have failed — and failing isn’t easy when you can create money! (24 minutes)

• A previously unknown group calling itself “The Cutting Sword of Justice” has taken responsibility for the virus that attacked and destroyed workstations at the Saudi Aramco oil company. Such a claim certainly doesn’t rule out intelligence agency involvement — and the major intelligence agencies, especially the CIA and Mossad, are probably the greatest centers of murderous and criminal activity on this planet. (25 minutes)

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Liberty Net: September 8, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

SINCE WE’VE STARTED communicating via the Internet, we’ve noticed that interest in the Liberty Net isn’t limited to North America. We’ve had listeners and correspondents from all over the world, from South America to Arctic Canada, from Norway and Italy to Japan, Malaysia, Australia, and Oceania. Uncensored ideas and free speech are interesting and infectious — and you won’t find them on the controlled (and mostly boring and moronic) “mainstream” media.

Listen: Liberty Net 9/8

Here’s a tiny sampling of the ideas brought to light during the latest session of the Liberty Net:

• When the oligarchs’ junior front man Joe Biden went to Third World Detroit recently soliciting votes, his vehicle was stolen. The same thing had happened earlier to Jesse Jackson — and to Detroit’s own mayor, too. (18 minutes)

• An Egyptian immigrant in Michigan who is apparently of overwhelmingly sub-Saharan African descent has demanded, quite rationally, that the government classify him as Black. But the Washington regime insists that he be considered White. The regime also falsely — and purposely — categorizes all Arabs and Latinos as White in crime statistics. (20 minutes)

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Liberty Net: September 1, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE NEXT BEST thing to talking face to face with another man or woman with ideas is to join in on the direct, uncensored, and free-spirited discussions on the Liberty Net, amateur radio’s longest-running current events discussion net, on the air since 1974. The agendas of the money-men are exposed there, and those who initially come without understanding usually grow and learn as they share.

Listen: Liberty Net 9/1

Here’s a very small fraction of the ideas discussed and debated during the Liberty Net this week:

• How can the Republicans and Democrats pretend to be “investor-friendly” when neither one of them has called for prosecuting obvious Wall Street crooks and financier con men like John Corzine? — when, instead, they literally give them billions of taxpayer dollars? (20 minutes)

• As bad as the criminal politicians and their oligarch bosses are, they probably couldn’t get away with their scams and crimes if the American people weren’t so corrupt themselves, so willing to drink at the well of stolen wealth, and so terminally dull. (39 minutes)

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Liberty Net: August 25, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE TWO PARTIES RUN by one claque of oligarchs have nothing at all to say that’s worth hearing, but they do make a great deal of noise this time of year. In contrast, the free thinkers on the Liberty Net are not beholden to the corrupt System, are unafraid to “tell it like it is,” and are often very much worth listening to.

Listen: Liberty Net 8/25

Here’s just a fraction of the ideas discussed and debated on the Liberty Net this week:

• Why is the Republican party leadership throwing Todd Akin under the bus and attacking him with such vehemence? It simply can’t be his ill-informed misstatement about rape and pregnancy (for which he has apologized), since others who have said — and done — far worse have simply been ignored. What hidden agenda is driving the chief prostitutes’ extremely hostile behavior? (21 minutes)

• More than 358 people have been shot dead on the streets of Third World Chicago so far this year (19 on one recent day alone), but to the billionaire-controlled media this isn’t a major story. Why? Because they want America to become even more Third World — and less White — than it already is. (38 minutes)

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Liberty Net: August 18, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THERE’S QUITE a bit of controversy on the Liberty Net — lately there’s been strong disagreement between some net participants on the one hand who think that getting rid of the regime’s current figurehead would be much better for our people’s future, those on the other hand who think that a Republican figurehead would be even worse, and those who believe that electoral politics make no difference whatsoever and we should be working to secede or to radically alter or replace the illegal regime in Washington.

Listen: Liberty Net 8/18

Here’s a small sample of the hundreds of topics debated during the Liberty Net this week:

• In Europe — and in the Old America — private home and apartment gardens were once encouraged as a means of increasing self-sufficiency and the citizens’ ability to survive a money crisis. But would such a plan work in the gang-ridden, disunited, ignorant, violent Third World society that America is becoming? (16 minutes)

• When President Zero, the current manager of the oligarchs’ estate in America, makes public appearances, everyone in the audience has to be authorized and exhaustively analyzed as to identification and background. Strangely, the same standards are not — and indeed cannot, if he is to stay in office — be applied to Fetchit himself. (28 minutes)

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Liberty Net: August 11, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

ONE OF THE EXPERIMENTS taking place at WB4AIO and N2IRJ is the introduction of software defined radios (SDRs) into the Liberty Net technological arsenal. Look for improved reception, streaming, and recordings in the near future!

Listen: Liberty Net 8/11

Here’s a tiny selection of the many, many subjects discussed and debated during this week’s Liberty Net:

• The Washington regime is opening a “data collection center” in Utah, which is supposed to become operational next year, explicitly for the illegal and unconstitutional purpose of aiding the regime’s efforts to spy on our email, telephone, and other private conversations. (19 minutes)

• Predictably, Mitt Romney has selected yet another neocon warmonger as his running mate. The “mainstream,” billionaire-media-approved candidates of both parties all support the Zionist murderers and bankers who misrule us and a good part of the world. (23 minutes)

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Liberty Net: August 4, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

AFTER SEVERAL WEEKS of absence due to a power supply failure and subsequent parts requisition and repair, N2IRJ was finally able to rejoin the Liberty Net this week. Welcome back, Marty! Special thanks to Al, N2SAG, for his extra effort in keeping the conversation lively and on a high level despite the absence of Marty and the phone patch callers.

Listen: Liberty Net 8/4

Here’s a small sampling the many subjects brought up during this week’s Liberty Net:

• Up until recently, solar energy has required a prohibitively high investment. But subsidies have brought the costs down, and the payback time is now much shorter. Whether we approve of subsidies or not, it is a fact that those who take the plunge also greatly increase their independence. This week WD8PAV was the first high-power check-in to the Liberty Net using power obtained entirely from solar panels. (38 minutes)

• Cass Sunstein, who advocated creating a sort of “Ministry of Truth” to censor the Internet and specifically to punish writers who questioned the official 9/11 narrative, is leaving his position with the Washington regime. His replacement has Soros connections. (1 hour 8 minutes)

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Liberty Net: July 28, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

DESPITE SUMMERTIME STATIC at the highest levels we’ve seen this season, and despite the temporary loss of the N2IRJ phone patch (Marty is repairing his transceiver’s power supply as I type), the Liberty Net had numerous new check-ins and extremely interesting discussions this week.

Listen: Liberty Net 7/28

Here’s a small selection from the many ideas brought forward during this week’s Liberty Net:

• Many people are saying that being forced to choose between Mitt Rob-me and Fetchit is a matter of picking the lesser of two evils. But is it really better to pick the “less evil” and hope that a smaller amount of damage will be done? Isn’t it better to let the more obvious evil reign so that no one will be lulled into complacency that “things are getting better” — and to ensure that more and more people will be radicalized and build an overwhelming consensus for revolution? (14 minutes)

• We have a system in which politicians are buying votes with stolen wealth and charging the bill to the future. The fact that we have a degraded electorate that can’t figure that out, and reject it, illustrates the total failure of one-man one-vote mass democracy, which isn’t what the founders intended anyway. (35 minutes)

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Liberty Net: July 21, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

WE LIVE IN A STRANGE country where you need to prove your identity and origin twenty times over to get a driver’s license — but not to be President; a country in which leaders and aspiring leaders fall all over themselves to promise to defend the eternal sanctity of Israel’s borders — but care not a whit for our own. But there are rational people who recognize the insanity for what it is, and speak out about it on amateur radio’s Liberty Net, which has been serving the public interest, convenience, and necessity since 1974.

Listen: Liberty Net 7/21

Here are just a few of the ideas introduced for vigorous debate during this week’s session:

• In Germany and Switzerland, there’s a move to ban the barbaric Middle Eastern rite of circumcision. Will the law be directed only at one Middle Eastern religion, though, and exempt another? (13 minutes)

• Saying that “guns” killed people in that Colorado theatre is like saying that rolling pins and cast iron skillets commit domestic violence. In truth, if we had a more well-armed population, much individual and government violence and mischief against us would be eliminated — the bastards simply wouldn’t dare. (17 minutes)

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Liberty Net: July 14, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

MURPHY’S LAW May be part of the inherent structure of reality, and it impacts radio stations as much as it does anything. Murphy struck N2IRJ this week, causing a shorted power supply transistor, so the phone patch was off the air — but the over-the-air participation was high, especially for a Summer session, and the Liberty Net discussions continued at a high level.

Listen: Liberty Net 7/14

Here are just a few of the topics introduced for discussion and debate during this week’s session of the net:

• The oligarchs and their pet legislators are trying hard to push ratification of a treaty that would ban private ownership of firearms, in an effort to nullify the Second Amendment. Remember, these folks are the same people who have spent multiple millions to arm Mexican drug cartels and Israeli murder squads, so they’re not at all against violence. What they are against is your ability to defend yourself from tyranny. (16 minutes)

• Several thinkers have come out with innovative ideas to liberate us from legislative tyranny: jury nullification, the citizen’s veto, and the right of individuals to opt out of the regime’s “programs” and pretended laws. (39 minutes)

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