Liberty Net: October 26, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

NOW THAT Standard Time is in force across the US, propagation for the Liberty Net should be continent-wide even at the start of the net — so Western stations, try checking in this week!

Listen: Liberty Net 10/26″]

Here’s a small selection of the many ideas debated on the net this time:

• The people running “Obamacare” now promise that, really for sure, their Web site will be running by late November. Are you absolutely certain that these are the people in whom you want to entrust your life? (11 minutes)

• With the ever-lower cost of USB hard drives, there’s no reason not to make rolling backups of all your computer’s data and protect yourself from hard drive failure, fire, and thieves. (25 minutes)

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Liberty Net: October 19, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

AMATEUR RADIO is not only a hobby — it is a community. In my life, it has brought me into contact with some of the best minds and kindest people I have ever known in my life, many of those being participants and leading figures in the highest-IQ and most warm-hearted net in the history of amateur radio — the Liberty Net. Check in and join us this week!

Listen: Liberty Net 10/19″]

Here’s a small selection of the many ideas debated on the net this time:

• An increase in the “national debt” of $328 billion in one day! Just another proof that we have government by, of, and for the bankers. (7 minutes)

• Another “enrichment of our culture” coming from African immigrants is the practice of “breast ironing,” which involves the flattening (and permanent deformation) of adolescent females’ developing breasts with hot irons, stones, and other objects. (10 minutes)

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Liberty Net: October 12, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

DO THE NEWS and ideas you hear on the Liberty Net often prove prophetic, quite the opposite of what you hear on the so-called “mainstream media”? That’s because the Liberty Net is a group of free-thinking citizens sharing information to the best of their honest ability — not a bunch of paid shills out to deceive you and send you down blind alleys. Why not check in and add your voice today?

Listen: Liberty Net 10/12″]

Here’s a sampling of the ideas brought up on the net this week:

• The ATF is trying to prevent the publication of a book by one of its agents titled The Unarmed Truth. The writer and publisher say it’s going to be issued no matter what the regime says. What is the ATF trying to hide? (9 minutes)

• The NSA’s massive new data center in Bluffton, Utah is having problems. Seems there are some inexplicable and massive electrical surges that are frying some of the equipment. The totally illegal center, designed to spy on American citizens, is expected to cost $1.4 billion and will use a steady 65 megawatts of electricity — or about a million dollars a month for power alone. One hopes that the surges will be fatal to center’s mission, and that as the regime employs ever more Third Worlders in all its spy and murder and secret police agencies, its competence will plummet to near zero. (11 minutes)

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Liberty Net: October 5, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

ONE FUN THING you can do while listening to the Liberty Net online — on N2SAG’s Ustream feed or on the live feed right here on — is join in one or both of the discussion rooms at these sites. Some of the over-the-air participants chat there too, and information is passed back and forth both ways.

Listen: Liberty Net 10/5″]

Here are just a few of the topics brought up on the Liberty Net this week:

• Many Liberty Net participants might not know that our net control operator, W1WCR, is also the author of the highly-respected Beverage Antenna Handbook. If you’re interested in this special low-noise and highly directional receiving antenna, visit for more information. (4 minutes)

• Even though they tried to annoy people as much as possible with their choice of what to shut down and what to keep running, one cannot deny what a beautiful thing it is to see 800,000 regime parasites instantly out of a job. (14 minutes)

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Liberty Net: September 28, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

IONOSPHERIC CONDITIONS WERE EXCELLENT for an equally excellent Liberty Net session this week, as Summertime static started to fade just a bit. Once again, we’re seeing record downloads of our net recordings, and growing numbers of listeners to our live feed too. The sharing of real experiences and real knowledge — including knowledge that the corporate media censor and suppress — is exciting, fulfilling, and fun. So check in if you can!

Listen: Liberty Net 9/28″]

Here are just a few of the topics brought up on the Liberty Net this week:

• Some people are signing up with religious health care groups to 1) avoid Obamacare, and 2) keep a greater degree of freedom in choosing one’s own care. By excluding from membership those who engage in degenerate behavior, costs are greatly reduced for all members. One of the largest of these groups is called MediShare. (14 minutes)

• Homosexual activists are boycotting the Barilla Pasta Company because its president, Guido Barilla, refuses to feature pervert “couples” in his advertisements. (20 minutes)

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Liberty Net: September 21, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THIS WEEK’S Liberty Net marked my return to on-air participation. From all indications the Marconi antenna used here at WB4AIO is producing an effective signal. Many thanks to the net participants who gave me such a excellent welcome!

Listen: Liberty Net 9/21″]

Here are just a few of the events and ideas discussed and debated on the Liberty Net this time:

• A huge and growing percentage of new jobs in the US are now part-time. The obvious reason for this is that employers don’t want the onerous paperwork, financial, and other requirements mandated by Obamacare and other “programs” for full-time employees. If even the most Politically Correct of megacorporations are avoiding these programs as much as possible, how desirable can they really be? — to say nothing of how illegal they are. (7 minutes)

• Thinking that fatal shootings are caused by having too many guns is like thinking that obesity is caused by having too many spoons. (9 minutes)

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Liberty Net: September 14, 2013

Liberty Net - Multitrack

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

AS WE ENTER the fall season, static is coming down and ionospheric absorption is reduced, enhancing everyone’s signals. It’s a great time to check in to the Liberty Net on Saturday and Wednesday nights! Even though we have two weekly sessions, these articles on customarily refer to the Saturday night net.

Listen: Liberty Net 9/14″]

Here are just a few of the concepts talked about on the Liberty Net this week:

• Why did the FCC’s Riley Hollingsworth purposely encourage a group of backwoods hams to start using 3950 kHz for their nightly chit-chat several years ago — back when the Liberty Net regularly used that frequency? (7 minutes)

• The System wants us to mythologize the events of 9/11/2001 as a way to justify their warfare/surveillance state. Instead we should see 9/11 as a lesson not to support Israel, not to make war on innocent people, and not to trust the US government and media. (19 minutes)

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Liberty Net: September 7, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE LIBERTY NET is consistent, dependable — on the air every week since 1974! — and growing. The regular Saturday 10PM net has been supplemented with a 9PM Wednesday session, and a preparedness-oriented offshoot of the net, the Survival Net, has been established on Sundays at 9PM.

Listen: Liberty Net 9/7″]

Here are just a few of the ideas brought forward on the Liberty Net this time:

• There were 224 wounded and 53 killed in the month of August alone in the Third World city of Chicago. If a Russian cruiser hove to off Lake Michigan and targeted the city’s savage gangs with a few cruise missiles, would we thank them? (11 minutes)

• A government has just taken power in Australia which strongly opposes the non-White invasion of that country. We’ll soon find out if that is just the usual neocon rhetoric or not. (13 minutes)

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Liberty Net: August 31, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

WITH YET ANOTHER war for Israel (with the banks and their megacorporations profiting hugely on the side) on the horizon, these are times when it is more important than ever to get, and spread, uncensored information that the mass media’s gatekeepers don’t want us to know — and one way to do that is to check in, listen, debate, and share on amateur radio’s longest-running current events discussion net, the Liberty Net.

Listen: Liberty Net 8/31″]

Here are just a few of the concepts discussed on the Liberty Net this time:

• The fact that a substantial number of hominids on American soil actually believe “we must take action” because the Usual Suspects claim some Middle Eastern government used gas during a war indicates little more than that said hominids are brain dead and should never have been given the franchise. (17 minutes)

• The paucity of information about the “gas attack” is most telling. Even the type of gas is kept from us — if its name were to be revealed, it would almost certainly “make tracks” to a “wrong” country; that is, to Israel, the Washington regime, or some part of their unholy coalition. (24 minutes)

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Liberty Net: August 24, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE LIBERTY NET is nearly unique in amateur radio history. How many other nets offer up uncensored discussion of current events and the ideas that will profoundly affect the future of our civilization, with a real emphasis on the ideas suppressed by the billionaires’ media? As far as I know, you can count them on one-fifth of the fingers of one hand. Check in and add your voice today!

Listen: Liberty Net 8/24″]

Here are just a few of the ideas and events put up for debate and discussion on the Liberty Net this session:

• For those who have been harmed by the vultures of international finance, Assault on Wall Street will be a most satisfying film. (1 minute)

• With the Zionist-controlled powers just salivating for war with Syria, do you really think the Assad government would be suicidal enough to give them an excuse? Far more likely is that the banker-dupe “rebels” used the poison gas and that it was made in USA or Israel. (20 minutes)

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